Josh Pierce-singer/songwriter/guitarist from the north New Jersey area has been playing & writing music for many years. Playing everything from jam-band, classic rock to contemporary Christian, Josh brings a unique blend of musical inspirations to form a sound that is truly his own. As a lead guitarist, his influences stem fom everything from Jerry Garcia, David Gilmore, Frank Zappa to more modern sounding guitarists like Lincoln Brewster. As a song writer his music is inspired by what is in his heart & soul and his music reflects that passion. He began as a singer/lead guitarist during the 90's in many bands over the years as a format to play his original music, often mixed with covers to play local clubs & bars. Most notably Booming Sand, which was his original 3 piece band, as well as doing many solo acoustic gigs over the last 15 years. 2011 however was the year that it all changed for him musically & in every other way. That was when a relationship with God was formed & Josh & his music were transformed & purpose & passion were realized. The Contemporary Christian music genre(Worship and Praise) was completely unknown to him before that year & as he developed into the role of a Worship Leader(music director) to a local church, he not only discovered a way to use his gifts to Know Him and make Him known, but also to add his unique style to a genre of music unheard of before.

Josh Pierce KNOW- the newly released EP(5 song CD) was launched May 13 2017. The tracks feature long time friends & musicians Vinny Sardo-Drums & Paul Laganella-Bass, who also perform with him live in many settings. Tom Hammer-keyboard and dear friend Amanda Senior(Mandy)-vocals round out the cast on the album. The concert featured many great players as well! Along with Vinny and Paul was, singer-Lindsay Tamuzza, singer-Demetria Sardo, keyboardist-Sujith Abraham and acoustic guitar-Josh Pirog. The concert will eventually be available on video. Stay tuned for what's next...

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